Banpo Grand Bridge Fountain is located on the Banpo Bridge that crosses over the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.  The installed fountain measures 3,740 feet (1,140 meters).  The fountain display system comprises 380 articulating nozzles each coupled with high intensity LED color changing lights.  The nozzles can project water streams 140 feet (43 meters) horizontally and falls vertically 65 feet (20 meters).  Banpo Grand Bridge Fountain is registered with the Guinness World Records as the Longest Bridge Fountain (Guinness - Longest Bridge Fountain).

Fountain Source was invited to develop and submit design concepts in support of the project's directive to soften and transform spits of land, on opposing sides of the Han River, into park space and linked together by the Banpo Bridge. We were given latitude to consider the entire park site, including the bridge, to develop unique and compelling water displays that would transform the park into an international landmark. Seizing the opportunity, we developed three concepts tailored to captivate, and convey visitors as they pass through the park. We developed three unique water features including  an interactive water maze, water clock and bridge fountain. These fountains were designed to connect the visitors to the park via sight, sound and touch.

The Banpo Grand Bridge Fountain represents the sight component of our design, is the most prominent display that can be appreciated in close proximity or from a distance, giving viewers a totally different experiences as a result. The two adjoining fountains, located to each of the park spaces, were developed as interactive displays. The maze feature, located at the north park, represents the touch component and is resolved to perform its role, even when the feature is off. The clock feature, located at the south park, is a functioning clock that can uniquely tell time via touch, sight and sound.

The final submitted design was based on four separate and distinct display elements integrated by a elegant facade structure that could could easily be fabricated and attached to the bridge's upper works.  Display elements consisted of two horizontal variable flow water projections , static elevated water color changing bubble boxes and color changing lights fixtures concealed with the facade.  These displays would give the bridge the ability to alter its look and mood based on the time of day, atmospheric conditions and tailored to special events. Each display is repeatable and redundant from span to span of the bridge.  Twenty eight of the spans were utilized in the overall design.  The total length of the display was 2,725 feet (830 meters), or just over 1/2 mile (0.8 kilometer).  The hydraulic and power conditions for each span was approximately 2,000 gallons per minute (7,570 liters per minute) and 250 horsepower (186 kilowatts).  The combined displays culminate in 52,000 gallons per minute (196,840 liters per minute) and 6,500 horsepower (4,847 kilowatts).  The method in which we designed the bridge fountain allowed the project to implement the displays proportionally and in scale once final the budget was realized. 


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Photography Credit:

John Steele Photographer, Seoul, Korea - John Steele Photographer

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