The Dr. Thomas Rosenbalm Fountain, located at the Baylor University Fountain Mall, is the centerpiece of Baylor University's Rosenbalm Fountain and Fifth Street Promenade Project.

The project is based around the Fountain Mall location of the campus where an original fountain, built in 1965, marked the dividing line between the "old" and "new" campuses. The original fountain did not survive the decades of use and was removed leaving the Fountain Mall devoid, until now.

The Rosenbalm Fountain is comprised of an elliptical two-tiered shallow draft basin that surrounds a center point dome structure supporting a large diameter bowl element. The fountain was designed with six independent display systems, each capable of being operated in concert or solo.  These displays give the fountain the ability to produce active or passive displays, that influence ebb and flow through the Fountain Mall.  Display systems include bowl center nozzle, bowl satellite nozzle array, lower basin ring nozzle array, dome weir cascade, lower basin flood and colored lighting array. This gives the University, over time, the ability to develop, and evolve, displays that, conform to and, influence pedestrian movement and to create custom themed shows that coincide with campus events.

Project Team: The Office of James Burnett Landscape Architects (, The Beck Group Architects and Constructors (, Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc. and Greenscape Pump Services, Inc. ( - Fountain Contractor.

Portfolios:  Greenscape Pump Services, Inc. (GPSI-5th Street Promenade), The Office of James Burnett (OJB-5th Street Promenade)

Videos: The Beck Group Architects and Constructors (Beck - Rosenbalm Fountain  Construction) (Beck - Rosenbalm Fountain Operating)