The Carolyn and Maurice LeBauer City Park, located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina is a 10 million dollar urban landscape revitalization project that combines art, event space, concession area, playgrounds, interactive fountain, dog recreation and garden areas into a compelling and unique venue.

Owner: City of Greensboro (

Project Team: Landscape Architect - Office of James Burnett Landscape Architecture (, Artist - Studio Echelman (, Fountain Consultant - Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc., Constructor - Frank L. Blum Construction Company (, Client Representative - Moser Mayer and Phoenix Associates (

James Burnett's design of the park includes an art piece by Artist Janet Echelman titled "Where We Met" ( that identifies with Greensboro's diversity and history combined with a adaptive-interactive fountain that adds wholeness and compliments this unique venue.

The adaptive-interactive fountain is a single-tier, shallow-draft, elliptical basin that can flood with three raised and evenly spaced circular display modules.  Each module is comprised of a single thick fixed vertical columnar jet surrounded coaxially by seven-fan jet nozzle array, fog emitter and eight color changing LED light fixtures.  Display modules offer independent and concert operation with variable flow changes that combine with basin flooding element.  The display palette offers multiple compelling displays ideas, that control mood and effect ebb and flow through the park.  Basin stone is mortar-set and display appurtenances are rigidly mounted to ensure the fountain stands up to heavy usage, is easy to maintain and operates reliably for many years.