Levy Park is a 5.9-acre urban park located within the Upper Kirby District of Houston. The Upper Kirby Redevelopment Authority, a public-private partnership, is the Park's Owner.

Park amenities include a performance pavilion, two large event lawns, a community garden, water features, and a dog park. A promenade circling the park connects a games area, play berms, seating courts, and a food kiosk.  The heart of the park is a winding Children’s Garden that includes a playful water feature and tree house.

Children's Garden Water Feature is unique design that is comprised of three brightly orange colored structural elements.  Structural elements are identical in configuration and come in three sizes; small, medium and large.  Each structural elements has 5 x arms that are connected by a halo canopy.  The bottom side of each of the upper arms house a downward projecting nozzle array.  Each structural element represents separate system with one dedicated, variable flow, pump and 5 x RGB low voltage color changing LED light fixtures that are upward facing and ground mounted to the paving directly beneath each structural arm.  Each system is independent from each other and can be programmed to perform choreographed displays for both day and night operation.

Dog Park Water Feature is for dogs only! And is made up of 8 x fixed vertical jet emitters that are installed in the hard-scape paving. The Dog Park is separated into two areas; large dog and small dog.  Each area is allocated five emitters that are randomly located to center-points within the circular paving.  Each emitter is programmed for random on/off operation that keep dogs busy anticipating where the next jet will emanate.

Levy Park - levyparkhouston.org

Owner: Upper Kirby District - upperkirbydistrict.org

Project Team: Natalye Appel + Associates - appelarchitects.com, The Office of James Burnett - ojb.com, Ward Getz & Associates -  wga-llp.com, Matrix Structural Engineers - matrixstructural.com, Wylie Consulting Engineers - wylieassociates.com,  Biederman Redevelopment Ventures - brvcorp.com and Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc.