Scottsdale Fashion Square is Arizona’s premier luxury retail venue, established in 1961, is the largest mall in Arizona and is among the top 30 largest malls in the country. The Luxury Wing Expansion represents its latest refinement that added 45,000 square feet of restaurant and retail space to the Dillard’s wing that and gives the north entrance a resort feel.

Entrance Water Feature is key component of the north entry space. The elegant design is simple and comprises a low profile rectilinear stone clad basin that allows calm water to fill and flow over its sides. Basin includes five symmetrically placed box planters set within the basin with their upper-works slightly rising above water line. Design intent of the water feature is to accent the entry space through visual, audio stimulation and light conveyance.

Presence of gentile water movement is a prime design requirement that was achieved through creation of an acoustic chamber below the basin that creates, amplifies and redirects water noise upwards and back to the surrounding area.

Basin interior is filled, below the water surface, with uniform, dark rounded rock and is unlighted to allow the smooth water surface to reflect and disperse the warm interior light to the surrounding entry area.

Fountain Source was selected by The Office of James Burnett Landscape Architecture to assist them to provide complete detailed engineering and design of the water feature system.

Project Owner: Macerich (

Project Design Team: JPRA Architects:, Office of James Burnett Landscape Architecture: and Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc.

Water Feature Construction Team: Kitchell:, Shasta: and Total Control: