Urs Fischer "Fountains" exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery Beverly Hills.  The exhibition was based around three distinct fountain sculptures located strategically throughout the gallery to catalyze movement and provoke contemplation, and insight.  Each fountain sculpture was arranged with a group of paintings that were also created by the artist.

Urs Fischer was born in Switzerland and started his career studying photography at the Schule für Gestaltung, Zurich.  He then moved to Amsterdam in 1993 and had his first solo show at a gallery in Zurich in 1996.  Urs Fischer has lived and worked in London, Los Angeles, and Berlin before moving to New York.

Gagosian Gallery approached Fountain Source and Condor in to work with Urs Fischer and assist him in implementing his fountain sculpture creations.

All the fountain sculptures are cast in brass from hand-built clay models; two of the fountain sculpture basins have powder-coated white rims with the their bases being left as raw roseate metal. The first fountain sculpture is a roughly formed bowl, a natural blowhole that spouts water that splashes to drown out all other sound in proximity.  The second fountain sculpture is tall organic almost "Seussian" element that emits a fine water mist from a small orb mounted at it's top.  Water is introduced within the small upper bowl that over-spills and cascades down the smooth upper column and is recovered to the second tier bowl, which over-spills again and cascades the down the brass column segment and is finally recovered to the large bottom bowl.  The third fountain sculpture is a delicately powder-coated human skeleton that is lying on it's back arched across a chair with garden hose that gently flows water onto the skeleton and chair, and is recovered to a large water filled bowl.

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Project Team:

Condor, Inc. Specialty Constructors - Condor, Inc. 

Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc.