Fountain Source was selected by General Growth Properties ( to work with Omniplan Architects (omniplan-oakbrook), Studio Outside Landscape Architects (so-oakbrook) and Graycor General Contractors (gray-oakbrook) in their charter to revitalize the open spaces of the Oakbrook Center.  Our collaboration created neighborhoods and interactive spaces with a warmer, softer, natural feel, for visitors to enjoy and spend time in.  Design protocols established gave the opportunity to develop a fountain concept with adaptive attributes that allow it to change state and alter it's look and mood.

The Vortex Fountain design is innovative, cost effective and ideally suited to it's environment. The fountain is located at a key pedestrian crossroad within the Center where it's variable display palette can stimulate pedestrian ebb and flow. The Vortex Fountain can operate year-round and it's display palette includes basin filling, variable flow cascades that emanate from the top of each volute, three fixed vertical jet arrays combined with state of the art white LED up-lighting. The permutations offered by these displays gives the fountain versatility that will allow it to evolve and renew itself.

Project Team: Omniplan Architects (, Studio Outside Landscape Architects (, Graycor Group Constructors ( and Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc.

Specialty fountain display equipment provided by Crystal Fountains, Inc. (  Video of the fountain in operation can be viewed at the following link: Vortex Operating