Westfield Century City is a $1-billion dollar renovation of their existing outdoor flagship retail mall.  The project comprises an eight acre outdoor space that includes 220 new shops and restaurants, high-fashion boutiques, a new central courtyard plaza and lavish amenities that are intended to entice people into shopping on foot again, rather than online.

Included in the design are two water features that serve to provide tranquility and elegance to the shopping experience.

We were brought onto the project by The Office of James Burnett Landscape Architecture to assist them with detailed design and implementation of the water features.

The membrane water feature is a low-profile shallow-draft disc that is located adjacent to the central courtyard plaza.  The membrane element is part of a quiet area that includes seating, plantings and a small fire pit that is perfect for brief disengagements.

The palm tree water feature comprises two identical  square basins with four palm trees with each tree symmetrically located within each basin, in individual planting-pots.  The basins are design to receive calm water and return it through a perimeter weir where the water is designed to fall within the bowls of the surrounding seat-wall and create noise that is magnified and echo chamber effect.  The surrounding seat-wall is illuminated at its base by a continuous linear white lighting element.

Owner: Westfield Corporation (westfield.com)

Design Team:  Gensler (gensler.com), The Office of James Burnett Landscape Architecture (ojb.com), Kelly Wearstler Design (kellywearstler.com), Selbert Perkins Design (selbertperkins.com),  HLB Lighting Design (hlblighting.com), RA Smith National (rasmith.com) and Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc.

Water Feature Constructor: Condor, Inc. (www.condor-inc.com)