Wilshire Grand Center is Los Angeles's newest skyscraper that includes the Hotel InterContinental, upscale restaurants and businesses in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.  The skyscraper is now tallest structure in the Los Angeles skyline and west of the Mississippi River, and is designed to capture views to the west of Santa Monica, the Pacific Ocean, the Hollywood Hills and the San Gabriel Mountains to the north.

Tower design incorporated modular construction techniques that allows for repetition and flexibility to enable it to change and evolve over time. 

The swimming pool, spa and water features, that represent an important and compelling part of the tower's design, were designed as modules to ensure high quality, minimize weight and mitigate impact to the construction schedule.  All water elements were designed and based on stainless steel structures that allowed them to be wholly or partially constructed and brought to the site and installed in accordance with the construction schedule.

Owner: Hanjin Group (hanjin.co.kr.)

Design Team: AC Martin Architects (acmartin.com), Melendrez Landscape Architects (melendrez.com), STO Design Group, Inc. Aquatic Designer (stodesign.com), Glumac MEP Engineers (glumac.com), Thorton Tomasetti Structural Engineers (thorntontomasetti.com), Turner Construction Constructor (www.turnerconstruction.com)

Pool and Water Feature Construction Team:

Condor, Inc. was brought onto the the project, to work with the stainless steel structure manufacturer (Bradford Products), to provide detailed engineering, design and construction services specific with the installation of these structures.  Condor, in turn, brought Fountain Source onto their team to assist with detailed engineering and integration with the towers systems and infrastructure.

Condor, Inc. (www.condor-inc.com)

Bradford Products (www.bradfordproducts.com)