Tower 4 designed by Architect Fumihiko Maki (maki-tower4), located at 150 Greenwich Street, comprises one of the crown jewels of the One World Trade Center Reconstruction and 911 Memorial Project.  Tower 4 is composed of sharp obtuse edges forming a minimal element that embraces an abstract quality - light, cool in color, and ephemeral - changing with the light of day.

Fountain Source was brought on to the project by Peter Walker Partners (pwpla-911 memorial) to assist in completing detailed design of the Tower 4 Entrance Water Feature design that is part of the office lobby entry that faces Church Street and is in view of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

Entrance Water Feature is a circular low profile water-steel-stone element that is heated and resistant to wind so that it can operate continuously in any weather condition.  Design work was challenged by the non-orthogonal shape of the tower's sub-structure and the strict protocols established by the project that required the water feature system not to encroach into, or disrupt, the retail space located directly beneath the water feature's basin, in any way. The basin is designed to exact tolerances in order to develop concise non-turbulent flow to each of the three basin fill-segments.  The basin is designed for ease of maintenance by allowing the basin to be completely drained from equipment room, so that the aggregate rock fill and the basin to be cleaned and kept in pristine condition.

Design Team: Maki and Associates Architects (, Adamson Associates Architects (, Peter Walker & Partners Landscape Architects ( and Fountain Source Engineering and Design, Inc..